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We at Twintronix are a team of computer repair professionals serving the needs of Lawrence County, Alabama. Conveniently located in downtown Moulton, Twintronix offers repair services for home computers, smartphones, video game consoles, and other electronic devices. We are also a retailer of computer/smartphone parts and peripherals.

Call us today at: 256-410-3122

Come visit us at: 14450 Court Street, Moulton, AL 35650

Fast, Friendly Service!

We at Twintronix pride ourselves on prompt service that address all the needs of our customers. Whether it is laptop or desktop repair, custom computer design, or even on-site work, we want to make your computing experience easy and enjoyable! We are the leading electronics repair service in Lawrence County, and we are engaged in the community through our computer education offerings. See us first with your computer challenges!

We Accept Bitcoin!

Twintronix is proud to accept Bitcoin! We are the first brick-and-morter business in Moulton, Alabama to accept Bitcoin as payment! We also offer educational resources on Bitcoin and the wider cryptocurrency landscape. Come and experience the future of money with us!